Professional development


7 years in the company

Only through ensuring different development possibilities we may retain the best employees in the organization.

In Enigma, we know it and this is why we provide our employees with professional trainings, engineering, master’s and post-graduate studies co-financing etc., at the same time motivating them to improve their qualifications.

We also offer promotions connected with a change in the scope of duties and position in order to satisfy expectations of people who are still looking for their professional path or want to requalify.

Enigma gives many development possibilities!

Project challenges


7 years in the company

Programming is not only my job but, above all, my great passion. Thanks to working in Enigma, I am able to combine these two spheres on a daily basis and continue my professional development. My work consists not only in using state-of-the-art technologies but also creating them. It is a considerable challenge but also satisfaction if your idea is put into practice. And due to Enigma’s openness in this respect, submitting a new project and appointing a team to run it is not a problem.

Health promotion


6 years in the company

Healthy lifestyle has always been a priority in my home. I know what it means to care for your health but I also know what it means to fight for your health. Which is why I am happy that Enigma offers its employees access to additional health insurance and extended healthcare. Free fruits are only an addition to the company’s care for employees, yet a very nice addition.

New technologies


8 years in the company

The work of an implementer is team work with precisely ascribed roles and permanent contact with colleagues and, above all, clients. It means careful listening about needs and difficulties. Solving problems together and enhancing team work techniques. Projects are sometimes very complex and complicated. Responsibility for proper functioning of systems and devices that are supposed to ensure information security to our customers rests on our shoulders. Is it stressful? Rather energizing. I believe it is the right place in my professional life.

Excellent work atmosphere


8 years in the company

Positive work atmosphere is very important when realizing your plans and goals. Enigma’s major advantage is openness to own activities and intentions. Day-to-day building of harmonious relations and mutual trust between the management and employees translate into more efficient operations.

In Enigma, you work with a smile on your face.

Supporting passions


19 years in the company

„You’ll go crazy if you don’t do sports”. I heard this sentence in childhood in some American movie, it stuck deep in my memory and became my guideline for time after school and now after work.
When I came to Enigma, I was drawn into the circle of sportsmen right away. I chose the company’s road cycling group. Trainings and cycling tours are a perfect getaway from everyday work and programming issues. I get to know better people I previously met behind the desk or at the corridors. Age is not important, eagerness to compete and fun count.

Family-friendly company


2 years in the company

I started working in Enigma as a mother of two little children. Every person who’s been through this knows what it means – first, one is ill, then the other has to go for check-up and so on. Not to mention parent-teacher meetings, theatre shows, trips, performances. Due to flexible working hours and task-based nature of work in Enigma, I have never had any problem with combining my professional and family duties.

Now Zuza has started school and Maja is doing great in preschool. Thanks to Enigma I am able to develop my professional skills and raise children and as everyone knows – a happy and fulfilled mum means happy children.

Employment stability and security


9 years in the company

Working in such a company gives an exceptional opportunity to gain unique knowledge of system protection of classified information, personal data or other legally protected information processed with the use of computer methods.
By choosing to work in Enigma, you get the chance to gain new unique knowledge and expert practical experience in the field of ICT security. You also have an exceptional opportunity to face modern challenges in cryptography and security of complex IT systems as well as to work in a friendly team under the care of the company’s management.

Join us!


Employees with access to classified information
Employees with engineering education
Employees working over 5 years in Enigma
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