Enigma has been providing information security services for 25 years, having knowledge that is unique on the Polish market. We also ensure that special security forms an integral part of the solutions we offer. This concerns both hardware and application solutions as well as all architecture and its implementation. The systems created by Enigma are based on in–house hardware and application solutions in terms of cryptography. These solutions employ highly-developed technologies and encryption algorithms. The high quality of the cryptographic devices and applications we offer is confirmed with 30+ certificates from the Internal Security Agency and the Military Counterintelligence Service in terms of processing classified information: from “proprietary”, through “confidential” and “classified”, to “strictly classified”. IT systems based on Enigma cryptographic devices are labelled with the CompCrypt brand and process information of particular importance for national security.


The most important element of all Enigma solutions is the guaranteed security of the systems and information processed with the use of these systems. The basic offer includes solutions for banks, financial institutions, and telecommunications companies, as well as applications supporting the operations of hospital and healthcare facilities and transport systems. In designing and implementing our corporate security systems, Enigma’s specialists use in-house and third party solutions, ensuring reliability guaranteed thanks to long-term cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of IT and telecommunications solutions.


Enigma has many years of experience in creating utility software. The company designs and implements IT systems created to satisfy the needs of particular sectors of the economy or a specific client. It provides management-supporting systems, anti-virus and anti-spam protection systems, e-mail systems, etc. In producing its software, the company uses the latest technologies in terms of programming tools. It also integrates its products with the best third party solutions.


Enigma offers complete, reliable, and proven solutions adapted to the needs of the most demanding of users. The company designs, implements and integrates all the necessary elements of the most technologically advanced IT systems. Enigma offers high quality hardware and applications from the world’s IT leaders, as well as the many years of experience of the in-house team of engineers. As a part of implementing its projects, the company carefully selects technological partners and continues to expand its employees’ competences.


Paweł Andrzej Luksic – President of the Management Board of Enigma Information Security Systems Sp. z o.o., Advisor to the President of the Management Board of COMP S.A.

Involved in the COMP S.A. Capital Group since 1999. Since 2006, a Member of the Supervisory Board and since 2007 a Member of the Management Board of Enigma. At the same time, President of the Management Board of Safe Technologies SA since 2009. He coordinated investment processes and mergers of the companies: M2Net, Safe Technologies, Pacomp and Safety Division of COMP S.A. President of the Management Board of Enigma since December 2012.

He is responsible for designing strategies and developing the company, in particular areas connected with the sale and implementation of ICT projects, as well as for software manufacturing. He managed directly the processes of winning and implementing the greatest and most prestigious projects in the COMP S.A. Capital Group such as: development of the CEPiK (Central Vehicles and Drivers Register) security subsystem for the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, development of the BTUU (Secure User Authentication) system for the Polish National Police and development of the Electronic Monitoring System for curfewees. For his commitment to the implementation of the Electronic Monitoring System, he was awarded by the Minister of Justice with a silver badge for contributions to penitentiary service.

He completed studies in the field of Automation and Robotics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology and later post-graduate studies in the field of Economics and Management at the University of Warsaw.

Artur Gałus – Vice-President of the Management Board of Enigma Information Security Systems Sp. z o.o.

Marcin Ligenza – Member of the Management Board of Enigma Information Security Systems Sp. z o.o.

Involved in the COMP S.A. Capital Group since 2005. In 2005-2012, he worked as an engineer for cryptographic solutions in the company Pacomp Sp. z o.o. Following the merger with Enigma, the Director of the Embedded Systems Division. Member of the Management Board of Enigma since 2015.

He has more than 10 years of experience in designing cryptographic solutions and embedded systems as well as long-term experience in ETA encryptors.

He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology at the Warsaw University of Technology.


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