Development of the IT services should be accompanied by the awareness of dangers and appropriate counteracting. Today, correct functioning of companies and institutions relies on the access to information being in their possession and their effective use. That is why it is so important to pay special attention to data processed in systems and networks, so that not to allow their leakage or loss. In its offer Enigma has solutions allowing to avoid the problem.

Next Generation Firewall

The problem of effective filtering of network traffic is as old as the Internet. The times when information was transferred only on the basis of IP addresses and port numbers protected by traditional firewalls irrevocably pass. Old solutions are displaced by new generation devices – quicker and more intelligent “application firewalls”, defined as NGFW (Next-Generation Firewalls). Enterprises planning to extend its network protection by new generation firewalls should change the way of thinking about safety tasks assigned to firewalls. NGFW specifies the group of network firewalls which deeply analyse traffic at the level of applications used by employees taking advantage of the Internet access – WWW websites and community portals. Due to it, they prevent the latest types of hacking and allow to avoid threats related to dangerous behaviours of employees. NGFW allow to avoid danger related to changes in the scope of business use of IT systems, in particular threats and new techniques of attacks taking advantage of the vulnerability of business systems. New Generation Firewalls are able to meet these requirements due to a possibility of deep scanning of packets, ability to identify and monitor applications working in a network, ability to verify the identity of a user and enforce a policy on access control. Next Generation Firewall allows to avoid threats resulting from dangerous behaviours of employees in a network.

In the implemented projects, we offer solutions in the scope of the protection of company networks due to the application of new generation network firewalls, among others, appropriately tailored to the client’s needs. Constant broadening of knowledge and trainings provided by the market leaders allow our architects and network implementation specialists to adapt optimum solutions to the size and complexity of a company.
Due to the application of classic solutions in the scope of safety and the products of intelligent solutions of Next Generation Firewall, our clients may be sure that their networks are protected against new generation attacks.

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

In most of IT departments, the constant monitoring of logs is not often the practice. Personnel looks into logs occasionally, usually after any incident happens. The implementation of the SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) platform may be useful in the monitoring of events in a non-stop mode. SIEM specifies the group of products, the main tasks of which is to manage the safety and correlate events. The technology of the platform ensures quick analysis of events generated by network devices, servers, operating systems, databases and applications in real time. In IT environments integrated with the SIEM systems it is possible to monitor all non-standard and suspicious activities performed both by system users and administrators as well as devices or applications. The SIEM software aggregates logs from many sources, then standardises and correlates them, which allows for automatic analysis, detection of operations violating the company’s safety policy and notification of administrators.


  • aggregation of data coming from various sources
  • collection of data in one central place
  • provision of comprehensive information on the occurring threats
  • monitoring of potential threats and reacting to safety incidents in real time

Enigma delivers the SIEM class systems that easily integrate with other solutions for the information safety management due to which the value of gathered information greatly increases. We integrate the SIEM class solutions with the IDM or DLP tools (protection against data leakage), among others.
The asset of the implemented solutions of the SIEM systems by Enigma is the improvement of work of the IT/safety department. A mechanism used to analyse the gathered information allows to keep the optimum level of safety and the proactive support of incidents.

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