Enigma Information Security Systems – as a high-technology company pays enormous attention to research, constant development and enhancement of offered solutions. Research works outpace market needs, increase Enigma’s competitive advantage and ensure security at many social and institutional levels.
Our key projects:


Delivery of ENIBOX devices for biometric registration for the needs of the Border Guard.

Delivery and implementation of another Police order for a wearable camera system.

Modernization of the Centaur Public Key Infrastructure at the National Bank of Poland.

Provision of services for Netia based on the LogPoint product.

Integrated IT System in the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolskie Voivodeship.

Installation of Rubrik CDM at Polaris.

Software Asset Management (SAM) system support for KRUS.

Implementation of the Integrated IT System for the rolling stock Tramwaje Warszawskie S.A.

IBTM system for the General Road Transport Inspectorate.

Supply of VMware software for Poczta Polska.

CenCert is the provider of trust services for Szpitale Wielkopolski Sp. z o.o., ZUS and NFZ.


Development of the Data Processing Center (3DC) for Armed Forces Cyberspace Resource Center.

Istallation of ABC biometric gates at the Okecie Airport in Warsaw and the Lawica Airport in Poznan.

Deployment of body-worn camera program for the next 11 police stations in Poland.

Launch of an encryption device CompCrypt ETA MILL 1000P for the protection of classified information rated as CONFIDENTIAL/NATO CONFIDENTIAL/EU CONFIDENTIAL.

Building and Implementing a Single Center Data Processing (CPD) for dedicated systems in the Ministry of Defense.

Provision of Commvault licenses for the Informatics Center of the Ministry of Finance.

Implementation of PKI in the Ministry of Defense and in the PIT-RADWAR company.

Delivery of a device for signing passport applications in the Passport Document Registry for the Ministry of Digital Affairs.


Implementation of the Electronic Supervision System.

Installation of ABC border control gates at Warsaw airports.

Mobile Worn Enigma Terminals at the Police Headquarters Asylum identification system for foreigners – dactyloscopy in the Border Guard.


Implementation of the Electronic Surveillance System.

Supply and commisioning of the body-worn camera system for Police.

Asylum identification system for foreigners – dactyloscopy in the Border Guard.


The launch of Vozilla – first municipal electric carsharing in Poland – Wrocław.


Improving the accessibility of international systems at the Police Headquarters.


Establishment of a system of access to classified resources of the National Crime Information Centre for the Ministry of Finance.

Delivery of mobile carry-on terminals, enabling police officers in the field access to the Police IT systems.

Participation in the project regarding the ELIXIR 2 interbank settlement system – delivery and maintenance of cryptographic devices.


Launch of the Electronic Monitoring System in Italy based on Enigma’s solutions.

First implementation of the APTO system – a mobile two-factor system for authentication and authorization.

Establishment of a secure restricted and confidential communication subsystem for the Coastal Missile Squadron NDR II.


Certificate for the Kryptomail system with regard to classified information processing up to the level “Restricted”.

Certificate for the ETA-MIL 10Z, 10Z ex, 10Z N7 device for classified information processing up to the level “Restricted”.


Incorporation of the company Pacomp into the structure of Enigma.

BIO PKI project – a system of bank customer authentication with the use of biometric finger vein patterns (cooperation with Hitachi).

Project entitled “ICT forensic module supporting the detection of traces of fingerprints on difficult absorbing and non-absorbing surfaces” (within National Centre for Research and Development 2013-2016).

Certificate for the ETA-MIL 10P N7 device – the first VPN outdoor encryptor.


Establishment of the “Centre for Abductions” (within National Centre for Research and Development 2012-2015).


Certificate for the ETA-MIL 10P device.

Incorporation of the company Safe Technologies into the structure of Enigma.

Implementation of IT system for the Europol National Unit, offering the possibility of processing classified information.

Design and implementation of the biggest Digital Archives in Poland for the Institute of National Remembrance – Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation.

Establishment of a secure restricted and confidential communication subsystem for the Coastal Missile Squadron NDR I.


Implementation of electronic dactyloscopy stations, so-called “booking cabins” for the Polish National Police.

Establishment of the e-Passport system in Lithuania – a system performing cryptographic functions in the process of reading passport data.

Incorporation of the company M2Net into the structure of Enigma.


Design and implementation of the biggest Electronic Monitoring System (SDE) in the East-Central Europe.
Entry of the CenCert Certification Centre in the Register of Qualified Entities and commencement of the provision of electronic signature services.


Design and implementation of the Secure Notebook system for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for secure communication of Polish diplomats and consular and diplomatic employees.


Launch of the BTUU (Secure User Authentication) identity management system for the Polish National Police.
Development of the Kryptomail solution.


Certificate for the ETA-VPN 100P device.
Development of the ProtLog solution.


Incorporation of Enigma in the COMP Capital Group.
Start-up of new production lines: CompCrypt encryptor, Eta, VPN.
Development of a specialised Signet reader.
Implementation for the Polish National Police of the Frejzap software, operating in the KSIP (National Police Information System) and KCIK (National Crime Information Centre) systems.
Establishment of Safe Technologies and commencement of the creation of the CenCert Qualified Certification Centre.
PEM-HEART and Centaur software update for the needs of NATO, certified by the Internal Security Agency.


Establishment of the CEPiK (Central Vehicles and Drivers Register) security subsystem – the first comprehensive implementation of the PKI system, authentication with the use of microprocessor cards, transmission protection, connected to the network security system.
Development of a new version of the Delta encryptor.
Creation of subsequent software products, including:
middleware for Encard Centaur SU
microprocessor cards


Development of the PEM-HEART 3.5 software fully consistent with the Act on Electronic Signature.


Certificate of the Office of State Protection for the PEM-HEART 3.0 software package up to the levels “Restricted”, “Confidential” and “Secret”.


Establishment of M2Net.


Establishment of Pacomp as a design and production base for encryption devices.
Development of four lines of CompCrypt cryptographic products: Alfa, Gamma, Ro, Delta, which obtained certificates issued by the Office of State Protection up to the level “Top Secret” (Comp and Pacomp cooperation 1999-2002).
Adjustment of the CENTAUR and PEM-HEART software to cooperate with HSM CompCrypt Delta devices.
Development of cryptographic libraries implemented in the environment of CompCrypt Delta devices and subject to the process of certification by the Office of State Protection together with the device.


Development works in cryptography for the Office of State Protection.


First edition of the ongoing ENIGMA National Cryptographic Conference.


Development and implementation of the NBP-HEART software in the interbank large-value settlement system in the National Bank of Poland.


Change of the company’s legal status into Enigma Information Security Systems Sp. z o.o.


Implementation of the first secure e-mail system for NASK.


Establishment of Enigma Information Security Systems s.c.

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