Enigma has long-term experience in creating application software. It designs and implements complete IT systems developed in order to meet the needs of individual sectors of the economy or a specific customer. It delivers management supporting systems, anti-virus and anti-spam protection systems, electronic mail systems, among others. To produce its software it takes advantage of the latest technologies in the scope of programming tools. It also integrates its products with the best solutions of third parties.


Based on our experience gained during twenty five years of activity and the knowledge of our engineering and design personnel resulting from the implementation of hundreds of IT systems, we develop, starting from the basic assumption, a functional and technical design, and we prepare solutions meeting needs of our clients.


Electronic Monitoring System of the curfewees implemented in 2009 for the needs of the Ministry of Justice which covered full ICT infrastructure, including network safety, authentication system, PKI, support for the management of work of patrols, communication portal, dedicated management software, software for Judges and Probation Officers etc., as well as several thousands of specialised devices for the monitoring of convicted persons. The implementation works were preceded by the analysis of needs and expectations of the Client that was carried out for several weeks, joint development of a solution design on the basis of which a target system was built and dedicated software was prepared.


On the request of the Polish Security Printing Works, the Public Key Infrastructure system and the inspection system for the needs of passport systems of Poland were designed and developed (afterwards, a similar system, also in cooperation with the Polish Security Printing Works, was introduced in Lithuania). As part of the project, the dedicated PKI software – which makes it possible to support certificates of attributes for the needs of passports and document readers, as well as a complete inspection system operating offline and online, including the dedicated devices such as USB tokens, were developed. At the turn of 2014 and 2015, at the request of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Centre for Informatics Technology, the system was extended by new features allowing to verify passport documents issued in other countries and to verify Polish passports by similar systems used in other EU countries.


At the request of the Institute of National Remembrance – the Commission for the Prosecution of Offences against the Polish Nation, Enigma introduced the dedicated Digital Archive system. The system covered almost 90,000 m of archives, almost 11,000 of files and other materials gathered in the headquarters of the Institute of National Remembrance, ten branches and four local offices, collected in 74 warehouse rooms and 22 premises in Warsaw. At present, the system base has more than 40 million of records and it is constantly operated by over 200 users located in all branches of the Institute of National Remembrance in the territory of Poland. Based on own dedicated solutions developed in Enigma, the system provides many business features. The safety layer is a significant element of the system.


The dedicated system for Netia S.A. for the retention of billing data, used to store and search data on phone calls made, according to the applicable law. The solution, entirely developed by the engineers of Enigma under the name of Indico, at present makes it possible to process data and generate reports from sources containing approx. 9 billion of records by making appropriate transformation and canonicalization of data. It also provides services of data wholesaler for other applications. The system safety has been based on the PKI technology and the multi-level system of management of roles and users.

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